Here’s an idea – take Glasgow’s popular Subway ‘Pub Crawl’, shake it up a bit, et voila – The Glasgow Subway ‘Grub Crawl’.

Buy an All Day ticket from the Subway, and instead of pubs, see what local food establishments you can find at each stop. It take’s 2-3 days, depending on how hungry and energetic you’re feeling. There’s no rules, but I tended to avoid supermarkets and restaurants and visited local retailers and cafes instead.

You get a real sense of the current state of play culturally and food-wise in Glasgow. Some places focus on the artisan approach, with the food being the focus. Others act as community hubs, building on friendships and caring for individuals.

So, load up on coffees, cakes, Scottish breakfasts, currys and banter. Chat with the owners and the regulars, and take your time doing it.



Come along to our Pop-Up Kitchen at Glad Cafe (July 10th, 7pm) to see the final map, and find out what the rest of Open Jar Collective’s contributions are.


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