It’s been a busy couple of days at Broth Mix!  

We’ve had Pester & Rossi running workshops with kids to make their own weird and wonderful fruit salad fashion, we’ve had live music and spoken word from some of the KPC studio artists, we’ve concocted an array of different soups and cakes, we’ve had babies in the kitchen and films on the screen, we’ve discussed strategies for improving our local food system in Glasgow, we’ve drunk a fair amount of Williams Brothers beer, we’ve had Roz showing people how to make their own sourdough bread (tomorrow we’ll be testing out the pizza dough), and best of all we’ve developed some regular customers who come in every day to try something new and have a chat!

Just 4 days to go before we close up shop.  Stop by and see us anytime 12-5pm.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers who have been helping out on the welcome desk and in the kitchen!

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