Resistance Recipes: Palestinian food and film

Jameelas Kitchen 01

Sunday 11th October 12:30 – 2:30pm, Toryglen Community Base

Following a successful screening at the CCA at part of the Cooking Pot public engagement programme the event will be repeated during the Southside Film Festival, hosted by Urban Roots.

There’s a feast for the senses with this special film and food event exploring Palestinian culture. A selection of short films will be screened which explore the politics of food in Palestine, illuminating struggles with access and how people are coming together using food to make a difference to their lives and communities. There there will be a demonstration and tasting of Palestinian food using some locally grown ingredients before the screening.

The screening will be hosted by Urban Roots and will coincide with the end of Harvest time, giving an opportunity to think and talk about food security and sovereignty in a local as well as global context.

CCA-film night
Resistance Recipes is an ongoing collaboration between Open Jar Collective and Camcorder Guerrillas. Resistance Recipes is a project to put on food and film events in solidarity with our global community.

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