Sowing the wheat

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The Concrete Garden and Open Jar Collective are pleased to be taking part in Scotland The Bread and growing three of its trial wheats in The Back Garden from autumn 2015.  Next summer the local community in Possilpark will be able to harvest, thresh and mill the grain and bake it into healthy bread. Their findings will be part of Scotland The Bread‘s participatory research – from the soil to the slice.


2J7A0562Last week we received the wheat seeds – Golden Drop, Hunters, and Rouge d’Ecosse  – and worked with volunteers and local families to sow these in a communal raised bed at The Back Garden.

First we cleared the bed of weeds and stones, then we carefully measured out the spacing and marked the rows with string.  We made holes 2.5cm apart and sowed 4 rows of each variety of wheat, then we carefully covered the seeds and netted the bed to stop birds doing any damage.

We’ll be watching closely for the seeds to germinate in the next 10 to 14 days and the volunteer growers will be collecting data for Scotland The Bread‘s research.

2J7A0549 2J7A0547



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