Open Jar Collective Members

Hannah Brackston is a visual artist, with a BA in Sculpture and Environmental Art from the Glasgow School of Art (2011). She is interested in the role that socially engaged public art can take in creating bridges between invisible bodies of knowledge and experience which are crucial to our understanding of the natural world and our impact and relationship to it.

Beth Ramsay is an artist and activist. She received a BA in Fine Art (2013) from Newcastle University, and studied at Jutland Art Academy, Denmark (2012). Informed by her experiences of small scale farming and work in the food industry, her practice focuses on ways to re-think a perceived divide between human and nature. She is interested in cultural production as an act of resistance and a means of instigating change in the places she lives. 

Daniele Sambo is a photographer with a BSc in Urban Studies and an MDes in Photography from the Glasgow School of Art (2011). In recent project Sown, Daniele was interested in the growing movement from the grass roots up of groups appropriating unused land in the city and transforming it into community gardens. Through photography he explores spaces where public and private, natural and artificial interact.

Clementine Sandison is an artist and activist who uses food as a vehicle for social and environmental transformation. She has delivered participatory projects and events for NVA, The Hidden Gardens, Whitmuir Community Farm, CCA, Collective Architecture and The Orchard Project. She is interested in everyday practical actions that build connections between people of different disciplines, cultures and backgrounds – from cooking a meal to planting an orchard. In her work she hopes to interrogate the dominant ideologies of our time and the quest for limitless economic growth. She graduated in 2002 with an MA in Film Studies and History of Art from Glasgow University.

Alex Wilde is a visual artist who seeks to explore and investigate and bring attention to food; it’s production, consumption and distribution through the staging of events, the creation of platforms (both physical and metaphorical) and interventions which bring people together and encourage dialogue around our connection to our environment, the land and to each other. Alex graduated from Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art in 2001.





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