September 2015 – November 2016

Open Jar Collective worked with the Concrete Garden to develop ‘Global Canteen’ – a project that gets local people cooking together with fresh seasonal food inspired by recipes from around the world.

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Artists Clementine Sandison and Beth Ramsay delivered a series of taster cookery workshops including making bannocks on a fire at the Concrete Gardens’ Harvest Celebration.  The Global Canteen cookery group ran every Friday 12.30-2.30pm at the St Matthews Centre.  Each week the group harvested fresh veg from the garden, cooked and shared lunch together, with a particular focus on recipes using different flours and grains. As well as exploring cultural traditions and family recipes, we considering the distance that some ingredients have traveled and the impacts of different farming methods.  To book your free place please contact Emma on 0141 237 9144, or email

2J7A0508 2J7A0513

The Concrete Garden and Open Jar Collective were pleased to take part in Scotland The Bread and growing three of its trial wheats in The Back Garden from autumn 2015.  In 2016 the local community in Possilpark harvested, threshed and milled the grain and bake it into healthy bread. Their findings will be part of Scotland The Bread‘s participatory research – from the soil to the slice.

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