Our programme for Broth Mix at Kinning Park Complex is now available on our website and via this link:



***CALLOUT*** For our series of Broth Mix events at Kinning Park, we’re gonna need some help. Please pass on.
Please read the poster and see if you can help us make this event special.

Open Jar Collective call for new members

We are seeking new members to join the collective for our next project ‘Broth Mix’, which is part of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art supported programme.


Open Jar will be resident in the Kinning Park Complex for the two weeks of the Glasgow International Festival of Art, creating ‘Broth Mix’, a space for conversations and action with both the local community and the wider creative community in Glasgow and the festival audience, and curating a series of events that bring people together through the common connection of food.

Open Jar is a collective of socially engaged artists and designers who use food as a lens through which to view the world. The group produce collaborative art work, host communal meals and stage unique pop-up events that stimulate and inspire new ways of thinking about our food culture, trade, economics, and the environment. Open Jar aim to contribute to the growing debate about how we can develop a more equitable and sustainable food system in Scotland. Find out more about us at www.openjarcollective.co.uk

Skills that would be great to add to the team are graphic design, web design, construction and film-making. Membership is open to all creative disciplines and you can be an associate member, joining us on an ad hoc basis for individual projects or a full member, taking part in the running of the collective.

If you think your interests and skills fit our objectives and you are passionate about food and want to find out more contact us for details on applying at:

Open Jar Collective members are currently Clem Sandison, Alex Wilde, Hannah Brackston, Daniele Sambo and Emily Chappell.

A new collection of zines are now available to buy here.

Two hand-stitched zines documenting the Glasgow Subway Grub Crawl – Book 1 (North) and Book 2 (South).

Detailing local food establishments, cafes, grocery shops, chippies, (and the people who run them), at each of Glasgow’s Subway stops.

Illustrated with descriptions by Emily Chappell, member of Open Jar Collective.

On Sunday, we launched our Milk Bar in the Gatehouse of Fleet area of Dumfries and Galloway. We were greeted by cheery holiday makers and knowledgable locals who were more than willing to come and share a glass of milk with us and contribute to the conversation about milk and dairy farming.

We had set up a free Milk Bar with photo-laden milk cups, listening posts (to hear farmers talking and the sounds of dairy farms), and tags (to write down experiences. memories and questions to raise).

Back in early summer, we were asked to undertake a research project for the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland (EAFS), and our response was to visit farms in the Gatehouse of Fleet region, and find out about the current state of dairy production and distribution.

We felt that a conclusive installation was not suitable, as we have only scratched the surface, so we decided to set up a space for rumination and conversation, in the form of a Milk Bar, that would add to our understanding of current issues.

On the Sunday evening we setup the bar at the EAFS event, ‘Gathering #3 – The Land and Us’, in the Cairnsmore of Fleet area. There, we met people who were directly involved in the festival and contributed a different perspective on our research.

Thank you to the farmers and local farm workers, artists, families, and visitors who came along to share their thoughts on dairy.

Last month we were delighted to secure a spot at Glasgow’s Glad Cafe to host an Open Jar Collective ‘Pop-Up Kitchen’.

Those that were there were treated to a 6 course taster menu inspired by food in the city. Foraged salad, soda bread starter stories, a fish dish and a song, Grub Crawl Gumbo, surplus ingredient soup, and to top it all…the story of Glasgow’s sugar trade presented with a hearty slice of Victoria Sponge.

It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun responding creatively to the theme and hunting down the ingredients and stories from various locations.

Thanks to those that came to our first event as a collective. It was special.

On the 10th July at 7pm we’ll be hosting a Pop-Up Kitchen at the Glad Cafe, Glasgow.  Come and find out about our interpretations of food and the city.

Open Jar Collective’s Pop-up Kitchen at The Glad Cafe. A creative dining experience inspired by our relationship to the city and made using locally sourced delicacies. Come take part in this feast for the senses and have a chance to explore ‘local’ food in many forms.

Wed 10 July at 7pm, 6-course taster menu £12

The Glad Cafe, 1006A Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 2HG

Menu highlights include:

  • Bread made from sourdough cultures thriving in different neighbourhoods across Glasgow
  • Surplus soup created out of ingredients that might have otherwise been discarded
  • A fish dish exploring the migratory pathways of salmon on the River Clyde
  • Wild salad made with foraged plants gathered from Queens Park
  • Grub Crawl recipe shared by one of the food establishments on the underground circle
  • Victoria sponge offering a peak into the history of Glasgow’s markets and how the city developed its sweet tooth

Tickets can be purchased from Locavore, 66 Nithsdale Road, G41 2AN, Tel: 0141 328 3303

For more info or to reserve a ticket please email: contact@openjarcollective.co.uk

This Open Jar Collective event is brought to you by: Hannah Brackston, Emily Chappell, Luke Collins, Daniele Sambo, Clementine Sandison and Alex Wilde