On Sunday, we launched our Milk Bar in the Gatehouse of Fleet area of Dumfries and Galloway. We were greeted by cheery holiday makers and knowledgable locals who were more than willing to come and share a glass of milk with us and contribute to the conversation about milk and dairy farming.

We had set up a free Milk Bar with photo-laden milk cups, listening posts (to hear farmers talking and the sounds of dairy farms), and tags (to write down experiences. memories and questions to raise).

Back in early summer, we were asked to undertake a research project for the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland (EAFS), and our response was to visit farms in the Gatehouse of Fleet region, and find out about the current state of dairy production and distribution.

We felt that a conclusive installation was not suitable, as we have only scratched the surface, so we decided to set up a space for rumination and conversation, in the form of a Milk Bar, that would add to our understanding of current issues.

On the Sunday evening we setup the bar at the EAFS event, ‘Gathering #3 – The Land and Us’, in the Cairnsmore of Fleet area. There, we met people who were directly involved in the festival and contributed a different perspective on our research.

Thank you to the farmers and local farm workers, artists, families, and visitors who came along to share their thoughts on dairy.


The cat’s out the bag. We’ll be bringing something very special to the EAF event in September. No less than a Milk Bar!

Here’s a progress shot of where we’re at so far.

Looking good.

Here’s a shot of something we’re making for the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland in September. Hannah, from our team, is our resident expert builder of structures. See more of her previous projects here.

We’re yet to reveal the purpose of this cart, but hold tight!

More progress pictures soon…